Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Computer Class

Download eBooks, eMusic, and eAudiobooks through San Jose Public Library website

Research and learning from San Jose Public website

Health- Suc Khoe  (control+click) for many symptoms and diseases)


Jobs-(Viet lam).

San Jose Public Library Job webpage

Jobs in California-(Viet lam trong California)


Weather- (Thoi tiet)


News in Vietnamese (Tin Tuc bang Tieng Viet)

Fun Vietnamese website (Nhung trang web vui)


Vietnamese Dictionary and Translation webpage


Vietnamese Writing Tool  -Put accents on Vietnamese text – Chuong trinh them dau cho Tieng Viet

Unicode Fonts in various languages 


Tax; Click on FORMS for Federal Tax Forms (1040)

Free Tax Help from AARP at and from VITA . Rat nhieu thu vien hien gio co giup khai thue.


More information on other subjects, go to Web search and metasearch engines-Tim hieu them nhung chu de khac thi den nhung cho nhu sau:


Online Resource for new Americans

Computer Class for English Learners at Tully Library

(Every 2nd Thursday 11-12 Noon at Tully Branch Library in Tech Center)

1.      Tumblebook Library. Read along books online from Valid library card and PIN are needed if you would like to access it from home.  Click on Tumblebooks under ePicturebooks for kids. For Tumblebook, Read-alongs or Storybooks are recommended for ESL Learners. At the drop-down menu use “Sort by Reading Level” to display easiest books to appear first.

2.      Livemocha presented by Rosseta Stone Language Learning , Click on Livemocha link.

3.      Mango Languages at is also a great database from SJPL’s website to learn English. You will need an email to create a Mango account in addition to a valid library card and PIN. If you need help with an email account, see ESL Computer Tutor who will be available every Thursday morning.

4.      Activities for ESL Students to learn Vocabulary and Grammar at

5.      Learn English from playing games and doing activities at

6.      Take ESL Quizzes at

7.      Games to learn English at

8.      Learn English online at

9.      Learn to read English, many children’s books that ESL adult learners can use

10.  Learn English from reading books and doing online games & activities

Additional information to newcomers of U.S

1.      Citizenship Information: You will find N-400  form and instruction to apply for citizenship in addition to prepare for an interview.

2.      Learn How to Type: lessons teaching you how to type and test how fast you can type at and

3.      Searching for job? Don’t forget to use our online job assistance services, see a librarian at Info Desk for more information how to use it.

4.      Weather Forecast. Is it hot or cold? Is sunny, rainy, or snowy where you are planning your travel. Check

5.       Health information.  or (offers health in various languages).

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Week 9 (#23 Conclusion)

Though it is time consuming and I had spent numerous of hours of my own time, to me Learning 2.0 is the most wonderful thing that happens. This is one of fastest ways to expand our online services and provide the needed information to the community. It is 24/7 if the resources such as feeds, bookmarks, pictures, podcast, etc... are shared through the Web. Today teens are spending their time mostly online working on their myspace, blog, flickr, rodeo, games. As a librarian I do need to learn more modern technology and online tools to keep up with them. Yeah, I am Learning 2.0 graduate. I am so excited about this whole ordeal. I spent so much time on this but also learning so much incredible information. Many many different things such as flickr, delicious, image creator, fd’s toys, and so many other things that I have heard and seen people do but never got a chance to get the hands-on experience, but this learning 2.0 session has given me this opportunity. I am really seeing myself using all of these experiences for work in future.

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Week 9 (#22)

Ebooks and Audio books are wonderful resource and have enriched our collection. When we can not find any thing on the shelve adapting the customers' need and the library is about to close, it is time for them to read their ebooks at home. Audio books are cool to listen when the customers travel or get stuck in traffic.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Week 9 (#21)

I took a look at Yahoo Podcast directory and found it very interesting. As a Young Adults librarian working with teenage customers in the library, I found Series Information: Focusing on Solutions a Positive Discipline Podcast very helpful. It is program that teaches important social and life skills, in a manner that is respectful to both the adults and the young people. Visit for more information. I also added the feed to my bloglines account at

Week 9 (#20)